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Voice  rought and deep, a little hoarse and tremenddously additive: this is Noemi. Noemi, whose real name Veronica Scopelliti,  with his first Ep “Briciole” debuted at first place in the official download of the individual and in hight rotation on all radio stations, becoming the soundtrack of the summer 2009. The EP, which comes out in April 2009
Voice rough and deep , a little ‘ hoarse and tremendously addictive : this is Naomi. Naomi , whose real name Veronica Scopelliti , with his first single ” Briciole ” debuted at first place in the official download of the individual and in high rotation on all radio stations , becoming the soundtrack of the summer 2009. The EP , which comes out in April 2009 and is titled with the name of the artist , won the gold.



Andrea Poltronieri

Eclectic, ironic, unconventional: Andrea Poltronieri is a musician without boundaries or definition. Use the sax, charm words to seduce and entertain his audience, with whom he has a close and particular relationship. He calls himself a  “comic-musician” because he has mix music and love with his comic irreverence,  a combination that led him at first to the local success  until arriving in the theaters (and beyond!) , on tour with the Stadio, Sergio Sgrilli and Paolo Cevoli.




ChiaraMilla is a  Association of social-sport  promotion  born in order to raise amarene and spread the Techniques of Theraphies and  the Assisted Activities from the Animal ( Pet Therapy)  involved to improve the welfare of people force to live hardships of various kinds.



NOA – Associazione Culturale

The Cultural Association NOA (whose name comes to life from the sardinian language , ’cause NOA means NEW) is an Cultural Associationno profit  with recreational, social, turistic, sports  purpose and event and show organaizer, affiliated to the nation circuit  AICS  and characterized  by  the positive energy of its soul and the anhusiam that gives young people who approach these Association.

Other initiatives that NOA have made in the Sardinia are :

 “PhoneGrafie”“Scatti sotto la Torre” “30 anni Mamma” and the Thomas Cheval Summer Concert.

NOA also take care of the environment and partecipated in many campaigns in defense of this, besides NOA take care to the social partecipating in iniziative promoter by other local Association. The  leitmotiv of this association is “United we stand, divided we fall” …and right now it is winning! 

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Non C’è Problema

La Non C’è Problema is an agency that deals with the execution of events at 360°.

I can solve any requirement related to the show, with the lowest prices you will ever find in the market, and with the guarantee of success.

Manage convention, squares, beaches, campgrounds, theaters, shopping malls, resorts, festivals …
They have three points are always present: professionalism, clarity, smile.

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